A Tribute: Amany Fidinillah

“A Tribute” is a series of some stories about people whom I pick arbitrarily. No specific purpose is intended. The people written in the series aren’t really my most special one; yet their stories appeal enough to be made a “personal chronicle” in my blog.

Her name is Amany Fidinillah. Born August 2, 1997. Lived in Batan Indah Residence, in close proximity to IC ‘s location.

1st grade

I don’t remember exactly when do we actually knew each other. What I can recall is, she is the creator of my generations (18th – Astonic Dralen Relaston a.k.a ADR) Facebook group. For a newcomer in a school, she did really good to take the quick step making a systematic rule of the group. As a first impression, I regarded her as someone who put great attention towards our generation.

le regulation
le regulation

As what happened in most of my friendship case, my first bond with Amany seems to appear when (ADR as the first graders) were organizing a farewell party to our 3rd grade seniors. The name of the event was BINGO –a name that took 3 months of fierce debate to be voted on. Amany was the Coordinator of the Decoration Section, and I was her boss (if you may name it that way ._.).

In preparation of the event, we interacted quite often. Though, she looked she different than the way she behave in social media: a cold, indifferent, callous person whose eye emits mild indignation (?) to the people around her. Frankly, I never thought that I’d go along with her quite well. Great lucks that I have Kukun (the main coordinator of BINGO) on my side so I could communicate stuffs to her through him.

D-DAY of BINGO. Amany revealed her true capacity: as a leader, organizer and unparalleled conceptor. She turned the Multipurpose Building in our school into a magnificent carnival venue! Here are some photos of her work:

A Golfer in the Romance Booth
The Overall View
Shaikhaa in The MidEast Booth
A random person with BINGO 3D

She amazed every single person who attended the event. And the biggest surprise for us was that this masterpiece came from that reclusive, untalkative and mysterious person: Amany. So ever since, I –personally- and maybe most of us, put a great trust on her. Everything could be awesome with her magic hands. BINGO really was her milestone.

2nd Grade

This might be the best part of our chronicle. During 2nd Grade, we did things together so often –too often perhaps. I was her boss (?) again; I was the Deputy Chief of OSIS for Passion and Skill development (Amany was the Coordinator of Journalism under my structure) and the Project Officer of SONIC LINGUISTIC 2014 (Amany was the Creative Team). This year I finally made an unorganizational interaction with her for the first time: she was my partner in Olimpiade Ilmu Sosial X FISIP UI (in which we were awarded Gold Medal, thanks to the help our teacher, Bu Mira :*) and a classmate too in XI IPS 1.

Winning the Gold Medal with Amany
Winning the Gold Medal with Amany

If Sonlis is an egg, then Amany was its mother, the hen which groomed it until it hatched gracefully (aduh sumpeh nih absurd banget analoginya -_-). Ok ok…the point is, she concepted the very root of SONLIS 2014. The storyline –in which this event laid its foundation– was her creation. I can’t imagine if she didn’t gave me her storyline, SONLIS 2014 would be using my storyline: the theme would be “ENERGY” and the decoration would be filled with oil rig miniatures rather than fancy fantasy creatures -_-

A memorable moment of ours, is the making of SONLIS 2014 opening video. As usual, she desired a very awesome video, and by that she really meant it; she brought plentiful properties and professional actors (?). She also wanted me to wear contact lenses to make my role “more alive”, though I never wore one before. If it’s not because of her, I’ll never how gorgeous I am wearing those LoL. As an intolerant perfectionist, she asked us to repeat the same scene, just to make the perfect take. But, the result didn’t disappoint us.

BPH Sonlis 2014
BPH Sonlis 2014

Being a Deputy Coordinator of Journalistic Division was one of her best shot as well. I remember the time when I asked Raka (The General Coordinator of Journalistic Divison) about whom he’d choose as his partner. Then he said, “Amany aja , Gil”. Honestly speaking (I hope Amany didn’t read this part) I thought Raka would choose Nagita. Thus, I got a glimpse of hesitation when I appointed her as the coordinator. Yet, her –and the rest of the team’s– achievement prove me wrong; they’re doing marvelously great and their team relationshiop is worthy to be envied.

During academic year holiday, Megakom members join Jatmiko’s rank to spend holiday in Sarangan. Again, Amany showed her talent as a great organizer. She with her soulmate –Opi– booked the accommodation, the plane ticket, and other necessities. I salute them, especially because they did all the search through Library’s computer –famous for being really slow. The journet, overall, was very memorable. I might never visit Sarangan if this holiday trip didn’t exist.

hands up!
hands up!
to thumbs up for Sarangan!
to thumbs up for Sarangan!

3rd Grade

The 3rd Grade should be the best quality time to be spent with our friends. But the fact is, I became really busy doing my college application, I somehow become temporarily unsocial. The same case happen with me and Amany. We weren’t in the same class nor we became partners in organization and events. The only time that we could be together is only in Saturday’s music class. Watching her playing cajon in a ridiculous way was a weekly entertainment, really LoL. Though we rarely met, she was still the trusted person to whom I tell my stories with. She helped me pass through many odds during the year. And then the graduation drew near. She promised me a farewell give which she never give until now ._. Oh well, as far as I know, Amany never lied. So shouldn’t I just sit tight and let her promise be proven soon? Yepp…really, really soon 🙂

Unique side

For a person who never meet her, you might want to see her font first. Her font may somehow enshrine the character she possess. So here it is:

Doens't look to be a girl's font at all
Doens’t look to be a girl’s font at all

Yepp, you know it. She is an artistic kind of girl, who wanted to explore. She sees opportunities beyond limits, and she never hesitates to cross boundaries. Though sometime this trait cause her to do things “out of the line”, it really made her “a person”. She also love black. Though lately, she rarely use dark outfits, I know that she’s resisting soooo hard upon her own desire to look mischief. She has a strong inclination towards many bizzare things; sometimes, the things are really undesirable by most people like gory stuffs, cockroach, and manly habits (?) #sotoysih. But again, this made her so unique and distinguishable.

She never sing. But someone told me that her voice is good, though it’s very hard to find the relevance. She liked to do the waving-hand-movement that Azzam, Raka and I really adore. I don’t if you guys notice that, but really…you should watch her doing that gesture. Last but not least, she is very UNPREDICTABLE. She behave in a very ambivalent way that it confuses us most of the time. So, however close you are with her…BEWARE…she is as dangerous as a flying cockroach.

I can’t recall anymore memories this time, because lately, we met and interact really seldom. But she never lose her quality as a great friend. A person with great understanding. A companion whose loyalty will never be doubted. I hope we could work together sometime, making festivals, branded distro and stuffs. I know that you’re really good at it and I just can’t wait to make that happen, Am 😀


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