[7 letters] C-O-M-R-A-D-E

Kak…apasih arti comrade tu?

Alright comrades, I’ve been receiving such questions for a while and I just got the free time to answer that.

Well, the above questions would be really easy to answer. I just need to type the word “comrade” in an online dictionary and copy-paste the result for you.

But, this post won’t be answering that questions solely. I would also be pleased to explain why I use “comrade” as front title or a personal trademark -if you may name it that way.


noun: comrade; plural noun: comrades

Comrade means “friend”, “colleague”, or “ally”. The word comes from French camarade, from Spanish and Portuguese camarada, originally meaning “chamber mate”, from Latin camera “chamber, room”. It can also mean a companion who shares one’s activities or is a fellow member of an organization

“Comrade” has often become a stock phrase and a form of address. This word has its regional equivalents available in many languages. The phrase has often become associated with Communist countries, especially the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries. Such a friendship is called camaraderie or comradery.


Before I continue this, I want to make one thing really straight: I AM NOT A COMMUNIST NOR A SOCIALIST. Some people did assume that I’m a simpatizant of those “red” ideologies, but here, I emphasize that I’m not.

 So, why did I choose this title in the first place?

By using the title “comrade”, I’m trying to create a universal bond with the people around me.

I’m not using “Brother Gilang” because that’ll only imply to my relatives who have blood relation with me.I’m not using religious calling as well, because I haven’t reached the level of piety to be worthy enough. Nor do I use any traditional callings such as “Mas” or “Uda”, which may become unapprehandable to my friend who belong to another ethnics.

Thus, by using the title “comrade”, I would like to position my self as a parallel, an equal to whom I interact with; not higher, lower, nor different.

Equally important, the word “comrade” shares a great spirit of gregariousness, brotherhood and sacrifice. When I call someone comrade, so do vice versa, I’m  indicating that:

  1. I feel grateful to have you on my side
  2. The resemblance of our interest is a great gift; and it pleases me greatly
  3. I’m ready to fight and sacrifice for you and your noble cause
  4. I’m not higher than you; I won’t act like a boss. I’m not lower than you; so please pay me some respect. We’re equal; so let’s face our tribulations hand-in-hand!

I later on realized that our founding father, Ir. Soekarno, shared this idea as well. Inspite of having an elite “ningrat” blood, he chose to be called as “Bung” rather than “Raden Mas” or other aristocratic titles. His decision didn’t disappoint him for sure, as the Indonesian people seemed to become fond of it..We can also see how the public symphanty was higher when he entitled himself “Bung Karno” (in the early period of Indonesian Independence) than in the Guided Democracy Period, when he was called “Presiden/Pemimpin Besar Revolusi/Mandataris MPRS”.

If we read the history book and  find figures with “Bung” as their front title -such as Bung Karno, Bung Hatta, Bung Tomo- we are likely to show liking and respect. Why? Because the title “Bung” reflect that these people are the men of the people; they shared the suffering of the public as well.  We also pay respect to these people because the “Bung” title somehow enshrine great patriotism and good will to fight unjust

Similar with “Bung”, the title “Comrade” symbolizes fraternity and the rejection towards social stratification; the title denies someone to undermine others by declaring itself more superior.

So there you go comrades, the reasons behind my title. In a brief, I entitle my self comrade because it represents :

  1. Equality. I’m not higher nor lower than you, so let’s learn, move and act together.
  2. Fraternity. I’m your companion, your friend, your brother and I’m ready to fight and sacrifice for just.
  3. Struggle. If you tremble with indigantion at every injustice, then you are a comrade of mine -CG-

Thus, being a comrade is not about being a communists. It’s about being an amicable person who possess sincere will to sacrifice for others and firm volition to fight unjust. Let our comradeship lasts eternally!!!


2 thoughts on “[7 letters] C-O-M-R-A-D-E

  1. Salute buat filosofi comrade mu..
    Penasaran Dan ingin tau ibu satu anak ini karena ngliat perform man ic d oic yg keren bgt,,,jd mampirlah ke sini..
    Ngeliat kalian jadi kangen belajar brg ma ade2 lesku..(ibu ini guru private mapel mipa)…

    Semoga tetep lurus d jln yg udah kmu tempuh,tetep semangat,amanah Dan tetep sholeh Dan g lupa domain ayah bundany…
    Sukses y de gilang…

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